Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are a key for lightweight design combined with high mechanical performance.

Space Structures supplies panels with the following material combinations:

  • Aluminium facesheets - aluminium honeycomb core
  • GFRP facesheets - aluminium honeycomb core
  • CFRP facesheets - aluminium honeycomb core
  • CFRP facesheets - CFRP honeycomb core

Also solutions with other honeycomb core material (Aramid, Polyimid) are possible on request.

For interfaces, inserts can be included with the following parameters:

  • Aluminium, titanium, INVAR or CFRP material
  • Floating, face-to-face, edge or block type
  • Through-holes or threads (if required also including thread locking)

This means that customers can get a unique solution:
All-black sandwich panels including the interfaces!

Further customisation options we offer are:

  • Grounding paths (on CFRP skins typically aluminiumfoil)
  • Surface coating (anodising, Surtec/Alodine, black/white thermal paint, mirrors)
  • Surface mounted or embedded heatpipes

Example applications are:

  • High performance satellite and launcher structures
  • Structures for manned applications
  • Optical benches
  • Sunshields