CFRP Parts

Tubes & plates

We offer custom fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) plates & tubes for applications such as:

  • Solar arrays
  • Parts for dimensionally stable assemblies
  • Parts for struts, bipods and truss frames
  • Parts for antennas, masts and booms

Our CFRP plate designs are optimized for each application, e.g.:

  • Dimensionally stable applications (zero CTE)
  • Maximum stiffness at minimum mass
  • Integration of all required features for assembly
  • Design-to-cost and schedule

Key design factors are the proper selection of the fibre and matrix material and definition of appropriate layup. We work with carbon, glass and aramid fibres ranging from low to high modulus.



Space Structures offers CFRP brackets for special purposes, e.g.:

  • Brackets for Harness fixation (data/power)
  • Brackets and Standoffs for propulsion tubing fixation

Our CFRP bracket designs are truly customized and optimized for CFRP, not just "black metal" solutions. This optimization leads to typically 65 % mass saving compared to traditional aluminium designs.
Manufacturing boundary conditions are respected already in the design phase and out-of-autoclave RTM (Resin Transfer moulding) / infusion process for manufacturing is used, resulting in overall lower cost than for autoclave-based CFRP solutions.
Additional cost-effective stiffening is possible with bonded CFRP stiffeners.

Sufficient electrical conductivity to allow grounding of data and power harness is achieved via dedicated manufacturing processes. Electrical resistance is in the order of 1 Ohm and can be further reduced to 2.5 milliOhm by a thin aluminium foil.