Structure Assemblies

Space Structures develops, manufactures, assembles, tests and supplies high performance structure assemblies for space applications, for example:

  • High performance satellite and launcher structures - Stiffness and mass performance are key
  • Primary and secondary structures
  • Integrated radiator functionalities
  • Launch vehicle adapters (LVA)
  • Manned space applications (ISS, Orion, Lunar Gateway) - fracture control and human factors design to be considered
  • Primary and secondary structures
  • Internal and exernal structures
  • Rack structures
  • Optical Payload structures and their sub-assemblies - dimensional stability is the main priority
  • Telescope structures
  • Optical benches
  • Bipods / Hexpods
  • Straylight baffles
  • Electronic Equipment structures - good balance between structural and thermal performance required
  • Power supply, control and distribution units (PSU/PCU/PDU)
  • Data handling/processing units (DHU/DPU)
  • Batteries
  • Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) - safety and cost drive the design
  • Transport containers
  • Lifting devices
  • Multi-purpose trolleys and turning devices
  • Integration stands, installation platforms and panel supports

The large majority of such projects are Build-to-Spec, i.e. Space Structures elaborates the whole project based on a specification as input and takes the responsibility for the design and performance up until verification testing is completed.

Space Structures has all required key processes (bolting, riveting, bonding, alignment and measurement) and facilities for precision assembly in-house.

Modular launch vehicle adapter assembly

Optical bench structure assembly

Electronic box structure assembly

Satellite module transport
and integration support frame assembly