Manned Space

ORION Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicel (MPCV) Service Module Secondary Structures. Customer: RUAG

ESA and NASA are collaborating in human space exploration on the ORION programme. Europe supplies the Service Module to support the first crewed mission of the Orion spacecraft. The Service Module provides propulsion, electrical power, water and thermal control as well as maintaining the oxygen and nitrogen atmosphere for the crew.

Space Structures provides the following structures engineering services:

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  • Fracture Analysis of all secondary structures
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Advanced Closed Loop System (ACLS). Customer: Airbus Defence & Space

The Advanced Closed-Loop System (ACLS) is a regenerative life support system for closed habitats and will be installed on the International Space Station (ISS). The ACLS uses regenerative processes to cover the following life support functions: 1. Carbon dioxide removal from the spacecraft atmosphere via a regenerative adsorption/desorption process, 2. Breathable oxygen supply via electrolysis of water, 3. Catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide with hydrogen to water and methane.

Space Structures provides the following structures and system engineering services:

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  • General coordination of Fracture Control activities in ACLS, including responsibility to obtain all required information from the corresponding project and subcontractors interfaces
  • General technical support to the ACLS project interfaces as well as to ESA counterparts in Fracture Control issues incl. participation to project and milestone meetings & telecons
  • Additional support to check required vs. performed raw material inspections (mainly SOT) and performance of additional work-arounds
  • Preparation of system documentation such as Fracture Control Plan, Fracture Control Screening Lists (PFCIL), Fatigue Load Spectra Report
  • Performance and/or coordination of Fracture Control analyses incl. documentation in accordance with FC system documentation and defined FC classifications
  • Preparation of a Fracture Control Summary Report
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International Berthing & Docking Mechanism (IBDM) Mechanical Latch (ML). Customer: OHB Italia

The International Berthing and Docking Mechanism (IBDM) is the European androgynous low impact docking mechanism that is capable of docking and berthing large and small spacecraft to the ISS. The main task of the Mechanical Latch (ML) is to capture the IBDM SCS ring of the passive docking system when mating with the vehicle.

Space Structures provided the following structures engineering services:

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  • FEM model generation
  • Modal analysis
  • Quasi-static analysis
  • Verification of crew impact loads
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