Instrument Structures

High Performance Bench Structure. Customer: Elbit Systems ELOP

Space Structures has successfully completed design, environmental testing and delivery of a high performance bench structure for space applications developed in a build-to-spec approach.

Space Structures provides the following:

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  • Proto-Flight Model Bench Structure, including surface finish

Design Engineering

  • CAD model generation
  • All levels of drawings

Structures Engineering

  • FEM model generation
  • Modal analysis
  • Quasi-static analysis
  • Sine vibration analysis
  • Random vibration analysis, including notching
  • Structural optimisation for thermo-elastic deformation

Test Engineering

  • Vibration test procedure, execution at test facility and reporting
  • Thermal Vacuum Cycling test procedure, executuion at test facility and reporting
  • Co-engineering of Thermal Vacuum Deformation test
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MERLIN Instrument Support Structure. Customer: Airbus Defence & Space

MERLIN will measure methane concentrations in the atmosphere to help understanding of global warming. In order to minimise the thermo-elastic effects on this very sensitive instrument, a support structure with CFRP sandwich design and low CTE metallic interfaces is designed.

Space Structures provides the following structures engineering services:

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  • Detailed local FEM modelling of CFRP Sandwich panel details and CFRP honeycomb core
  • Static Analysis
  • Verification of strength of all interface elements (metallic, CFRP, adhesive)
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MetOp-SG 3MI Instrument Baseplate. Customer: INVENT / LEONARDO

The MetOp-SG 3MI Instrument (Multi-viewing, Multi-channel, Multi-polarisation Imager) is designed primarily for aerosol observation. It will also greatly support the observation of Earth radiation budget, clouds microphysics, soil condition, ocean color. The baseplate of the instrument is a complex CFRP sandwich design to minimise thermo-elastic effects on the instrument.

Space Structures provides the following structures engineering services:

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  • Detailed FEM modelling of CFRP Sandwich panel with many dedicated CFRP local design solutions
  • Incorporation of condensed Craig-Bampton Models of Instrument
  • Modal Analysis
  • Thermo-Elastic Analysis
  • Optimization of Baseplate performance
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