Composite Structures

Space Structures develops high performance composite structures for space applications.

Our experience makes Space Structures the ideal partner for Build-to-Spec projects.
We offer optimised solutions in particular:

Sandwich panels (Alu-Alu, CFRP-Alu, GFRP-Alu, CFRP-CFRP) and their assemblies
CFRP Struts (Hybrid struts (CFRP tubes with metal fittings) and integral full CFRP designs)
• Special purpose CFRP brackets

Interfaces can be included in aluminium, titanium, INVAR or CFRP. This means that customers can get a unique solution: all-black assemblies including the interfaces!

Space Structures supplies also the corresponding assemblies:
High performance satellite and launcher structures
Optical benches
Telescope structures

Space Structures strategy is to always employ the best manufacturing technology for the given design task - thus Space Structures is working in partnership with many specialist manufacturers to provide our customers the best possible solution.

CFRP parts High Performance Bench Structure

High Performance bench structure
of mixed metal and CFRP material
developed in a Build-to-Spec approach