High Vibration Damping Parts

Vibration environment is an extreme challenge. With increasing requirements, heritage designs are not appropriate any more and architectures of complete systems have to be changed to acknowledge this fact.
At Space Structures we developed, under ESA contract, a solution that gives between 2 to 14(!) times increased vibration damping compared to CNC milled metal parts - in principle without changing the external dimensions.

Based on this technology, typical structure parts like:

Frames for PCBs
Reaction wheel brackets
Payload supports, Bipods, Hexapods

can be easily "upgraded" to reduce significantly the vibration loads for the mounted equipment.

High vibration damping part

High vibration damping PCB frame
vs classical CNC milled frame of same geometry

You had a failure during vibration testing and need a fast solution?
Just replace the original part with our high damping version - without impact on your overall architecture.